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Social Event

Venue: Dinner and Show at the Minoan Theatre

Saturday, 4th of May - 19:15 – 23:00

The Minoan Theatre provides a combination of experiences in order to introduce you to the Cretan culture. The premises, the aromas, the music, the flavors, the dances and the cuisine will allow you to feel both the past and the modern day Cretan civilizations with all your senses.

First, you will enjoy a theatrical performance with dance and acrobatics that resembles ancient rituals to honor the Great Mother, Goddess Nature. It includes offerings to the Great Mother, the ceremony of Bull-leaping, prayer to Gaia and the ritual dance with the Minotaur.

After the performance, the Minoan ladies invite you to take part in an interactive game with Ariadne’s thread. Ariadne is the Cretan princess of labyrinths and puzzles, whose legend is associated with a piece of thread that she gave to her lover so that he could find victory in a maze. You will find yourself as part of a different and entertaining interpretation of the myth, with a symbolic ending.

Afterwards, you will be led to another area, where dinner will take place. You will be able to watch and take pictures of your food being cooked in traditional Minoan clay pots, exactly like the ones found in the Heraklion Museum. Preparing the food with the same utensils ancient Cretans used ages ago makes this experience truly authentic.

The gastronomy is one of the most important parts of the Minoan and Cretan cultures. Therefore, dinner will consist of a combination of meals from both cultures, served in a buffet, so you will have the opportunity to taste and compare the two cuisines.

The meal will be accompanied by live music, played in ancient musical instruments, like the diaulos (ancient Greek wind instrument), the Lyre of Orpheus, the Varvitus (a string instrument which used to accompany feasts and symposiums as well as Dionysian festivities in ancient times) and percussion instruments. The ancient Greek music will then evolve into modern day traditional music, dancing and singing, in which you will be able to join and have fun.